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A Better East Texas: Pit Bull Owners

Another pit bull attack was reported last week on a 5 year old boy from Cherokee County. The boy evidently knew the animal and had even helped feed it on occasion. This is at least the 4th reported pit bull attack this year in East Texas. Pit bull owners defend their animals as any dog lover would. And just about any dog can and will attack if threatened. But statistics show that pit bulls can behave differently from other dogs as twice as many attacks occur off the owner's property than other breeds. And unfortunately, it seems that there are very few minor pit bull attacks. I expect that, eventually, there will be some type of law passed either locally or statewide to regulate how pit bulls are handled. So pit bull owners, you have a problem. You can sit back and defend your dog or you can admit that these animals are unpredictable and work to regulate them yourselves. Burying your head in the sand will result in defeat. But we have a long successful history of groups in America proposing self-regulation in the belief that these groups know their situation best and can best develop solutions. So your challenge is to organize and lead the charge to reduce the chance for future attacks. The problem of these continuing attacks needs to be addressed sooner than later and, once done, will make for a Better East Texas.

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