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A Better East Texas: Ted Kennedy

Senator Ted Kennedy has passed away and while it may be for different aspects of his life - he will be remembered by all.  There are many things about Kennedy's life that are noteworthy.  He served as a United States' Senator for 47 of his 77 years.  He was known as fighting for the rights of those without a voice and he impacted many of the civil rights laws we have on the books today.  He was haunted by his own personal demons and several scandals through his time in public service.  But through it all he remained steady and constant.  I don't agree with many of the positions that he held through the years but he was a shining example of the definition of a public servant.  One writer stated that "Kennedy was famous before he was accomplished".  There is a short list of people in America today that would be described with the same level of determination.  So if we put the personal trials aside and even some of the political views, we see a professional life that we can all find inspiration in.  So no matter what your calling, do it with energy, conviction and an un-tiring spirit.  If each of us chooses to serve before being served, we'll make this a Better East Texas.

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