20 years later, SFA looking to get back to big game

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS (KLTV) - It is every players dream to win a national championship...as a member of the 2007 LSU team, center Max Holmes has lived that dream.

"I think everyone should experience this, it is one of those things that you will always remember," said Holmes.

Holmes, now a two year starter for SFA, is not the only 'Jack to play in the big game, defensive coordinator David Gibbs knows all about it.

Gibbs was on the 1989 SFA team that advanced to the national title game.

"I remember that we had some great players, we had a really good quarterback, Todd Hammel, some really good recievers, we scored alot of points, that is what I remember, it was a fun time," said Gibbs.

"We are trying to make it back to the same spot those guys did," said quarterback Jeremy Moses, "everyone here is proud of them for making it that far, we are looking to accomplish the same thing."

And now, on opposite sides of the ball, both Holmes and Gibbs, want the current SFA players to play in the same game they did, with a chance to win it all.".

"I want to remember this for myself," said Holmes, "to be able to play for the national championship and being able to share something so awesome with the guys on my team."

"That would be awesome," said Gibbs, "it would be awesome for these kids, and the rest of the coaching staff, and for the university of Stephen F. Austin."

Now 20 years later, the current SFA players, want what Gibbs has played for, and what Holmes has already won.

"It will be one of those things that we can look back and say that they did it 20 years ago and we can do it now, anything is possible," said Holmes.

SFA will open their season on Saturday, September 5th, on the road at SMU.

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