East Texans aware of new traffic laws

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - New state traffic laws go into effect on Tuesday, but how many East Texans even know what laws have changed? Starting September first, a half dozen new traffic laws go into effect, from increasing hours of behind the wheel instruction for teens to stiffer penalties for driving without insurance or driving with a suspended license.

"Heard a little bit about them," says one Tyler driver. "Nothing specific."

"Haven't heard nothing about them," said another Tyler driver.

There are two new laws that will effect just about every Texas motorist, House Bill 537 now requires all occupants of any vehicle to be wearing a seat-belt no matter what age. House Bill 55 says that you can not operate a cell phone in a school zone unless you're stopped or have a hands-free device. But, the cell phone law can't be enforced until warning signs at school zones are posted. But, most agree, seat-belt and cell phone laws, make sense.

"Particularly in a school zone because you have the kids crossing and on their way home," says Tyler driver Jason Vallow.

"I've had another friend, his life was saved because he did have his seat-belt on so you know it kind of varies," says Palestine motorist Michael Caldwell.

All the new laws were adopted during this years state legislative session and go into effect September first.

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