Red Cross prepared for hurricane season

By Reid Kerr - email
Posted by Michael Hetrick

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - After Ike, Katrina, Rita, and every other hurricane of the past few years, the Red Cross knows their enemy.

"My big joke is we don't say 'The H Word' around here," Smith County Red Cross Executive Director Tammy Prater said. "We're dead set in the middle of what can potentially be a very very hectic and stressful time for us."

With hurricane season starting after a rough year for everyone financially, the Red Cross has done what it takes to stay prepared.

"In most cases, a lot of our donations are still flowing in. They're fine, some of the larger donations weren't as large as they once were. After the last set of hurricanes, we took quite a bit of time in replenishing our nurses kits for the shelters. Some of the stockpiles of supplies are not there, but we feel very confident that's not going to be a problem."

No matter the circumstances, whether a hurricane or a housefire, they say they'll do whatever they can.

"If it happens, we'll step up and we'll do it," Prater said, laughing. "I'd be happy if we never had another hurricane, but that's not in my hands."

As the economy wanes and hurricane season waits, the Red Cross is ready for their biggest time of the year with no excuses, only assistance. They know every hand they give and meal they serve could be a lifesaver.

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