Dog Poisoned by Strychnine

A dog poisoned by Strychnine bait has a fifty-fifty chance to live.

Dr. Gary Spence says the dog was treated late Sunday night after eating some of the bait. The poison was apparently put out by a home owner in the dog's neighborhood to get rid of raccoons and squirrels. Spence says Strychnine causes convulsions in animals, leading to paralysis and death. "If the mice get into it at night and the mice start acting weak, then the owls find the mice, the owls eat the mice, the owls are dead the next day. The poison's that toxic."

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says it is legal to poison nuisance fur bearing animals like raccoons and possums. It is not legal to poison squirrels or birds. And you could be held liable if a protected animal feeds on a poisoned animal and then dies as a result.

Stephen Parr, reporting.