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The Diner's Shrimp Stir Fry

¾ cup white rice
1 cup mixed vegetables
4 oz. General Tso sauce
8 shrimp
1 thick slice of tomato
Salt & pepper to taste
Blackening Seasoning

1. Cook 3/4 cup white rice.
2. Cook 1 cup mixed vegetables.
3. Add 4 oz. of your favorite oriental stir fry sauce (we like General Tso sauce) to the mixed vegetables.
4. Sprinkle blackening seasoning on 8 shrimp and cook 2 min. on each side.
5. Cut a thick slice of tomato, salt and pepper & sauté
6. Place rice in bottom of serving dish
7. Place mixed vegetables on top of rice
8. Add shrimp on top of vegetables
9. Garnish with the grilled tomato
10. Serve with a cinnamon biscuit

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