Former mayor's home targeted by burglars

Former Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber
Former Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Tyler police are currently investigating an attempted burglary at the home of former Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber at the intersection of Keaton Avenue and Watkins Street in Tyler.

Seeber says he got a phone call just after 9am from his wife, Kristen saying she heard their dog barking followed by the sound of breaking glass. When she walked to the back door, Seeber tells us, she saw a man attempting to get inside the home.

After calling her husband, Seeber's wife called 911 at 9:07am. Police responded within five minutes and secured the scene. According to Don Martin, Tyler Police public information officer, the man fled in an unknown vehicle, driving through Seeber's back yard to the street.

Tyler crime scene investigators gathered evidence at the scene. Authorities tell us the burglary is under investigation and nothing is believed to have been taken from the home.

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