Family welcomes home 3 sons, soldiers

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - In the finest tradition of service to country, the Alford family has given as much as any.

"They've done what they had to do over there," said Richard Alford. "I respect them for what they did, respect what they did for the country and all of us."

Rex returned home to be reunited with his family and his two brothers, Rodney and Ryan, who came back from Iraq a week ago themselves.

"It still doesn't feel right," said Sgt. Rex Alford. "Now, I'm just, I still feel like I have to go back somewhere after 10 months over there."

"I'm just glad to have them home now and know they are safe," said Richard.

Their pride in service runs deep. It's a pride in fighting for what they value.

"I guess if you had to put it in one word, fighting would do it," said Rex.

The brothers often checked on each other while serving in different units.

"I didn't talk to him for like three days and I knew he was out on a mission but then he texted me and let me know he was back," said Spc. Ryan Alford.

They knew their service could have cost, but did what they felt was their duty.

"Well, that's always a possibility," said Spc. Rodney Alford. "Something could happen. It was always on my mind."

"Everything's good now that he's back," said Ryan.

All three brothers are home to stay for now, all members of the Texas National Guard.

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