Search for 6-year-old uncovers mix-up

By Sara Story - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It has been a rough first week back for East Texas school transportation. Wednesday, we brought you a story about an Athens girl who was stranded next to the highway after being dropped off by her school bus, but it turns out, this wasn't the only school bus mishap.

When Shenyaraye Robinson's grandmother, Elnora, Fields came to pick her up after her first day of first grade, she was nowhere to be found.

"We knew after they had checked the cafeteria, and they checked the gym and they said they checked all the rest rooms and did a thorough search, we knew she wasn't there," said the grandmother.

So, Fields, school administrators, and Tyler police began searching for the six-year-old. It turns out that the school put her on a van which took her to the Boy's and Girl's Club.

"Oh man, I was relieved because all kinds of things were going through the back of my head," said Fields.

And, while she was relieved, she says this never should have happened.

"Nobody knew that child was out of place...that is ridiculous!"

Tyler ISD says the principal at Orr Elementary started a new pick up program this year. Children were given numbers and the car picking them up had to have a matching number. The school district says they take full responsibility for what happened.

"You know, it's a unique situation," said Angela Jenkins with Tyler ISD. "You try and avoid it. You try and do all of those measures to specifically not have a situation like this occur, and when it does, you have to step back and say, 'What did we do, and what can we change to make sure it doesn't happen again?'"

Change is what Ms. Fields says her story should bring.

"I really really want this to be an eye opener for them," said Fields. "You can not be like that when it comes to a child."

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