The Super Bowl Isn't for Everybody

Not everybody thought watching the Super Bowl was such a super idea Sunday. "I'm not really into football at all," says Christie Scrbin. "I don't even like the teams."

That's why some wives and girlfriends took a break from their husbands to get in some shopping. At kick off time, Broadway Square Mall was kickin' with men and women needing an alternative to the big game.

"I'm not really into the football season this year, not unless the Dallas Cowboys were in it," says Elizabeth Davis.

Some East Texans wanted to watch the big screen, but chose a movie instead of football.

"My husband is with her husband and I don't want to hear the 'honey get me this, honey get me that'," says Heather McDougal. "We'd just rather go shopping and do the girl thing today."

Many of the non-football fans admitted they did tune to some of the Super Bowl. They preferred the pre-game and half-time entertainment.

Dana Dixon, reporting.