Sudden storm causes damage

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

HENDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - "I just heard the 'whoosh' and just thumping and things hitting the glass and everything," said Joann Holcomb.

The sudden storm hit Holcomb's lakeside neighborhood. High winds took off part of her roof and sent a tree dangerously close to a neighbor's home.

"You just start crying because your tree's on your neighbor's house and...we've got a lot of damage here but we're not the only ones," said Holcomb.

Homeowner Frank Guerin headed indoors when he saw rain, but it was the next thing he saw sending him to his bathtub.

"I looked in the front yard and there was a circular rotation," said Guerin. "It was just whipping around and all the debris and all the trees and limbs."

Afterwards, the damage was done.

"I went out to the back deck to find it destroyed," said Guerin.

Residents described the storm as only lasting about ten minutes but that was all that it took to take this nearly 100 year old tree completely out of the ground. Homeowners spent the day clearing debris. Judy McDonald says she's lucky she wasn't home when the storm hit.

"Our neighbors had told us what we were going to find," said McDonald.

The McDonalds found plenty: a back porch was destroyed by a downed tree falling into their home.

"We had this big plate glass window," said McDonald. "Glass was all over the living area of the house."

Despite the damage, one neighbor knows how lucky he is versus mother nature.

"Thankfully, it was one out here in the yard and not close to the home where it could do some damage," said Guerin.

Right now, Henderson County authorities tell us there have been no reports of any injuries from the storms.

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