Discovery Science Place Provides Program For Little Builders

There's new construction going on in Tyler.

Luckily, this one doesn't involve tearing up the loop or diverting traffic.

The Discovery Science Place has a new exhibit that shows little builders the basics of construction, architecture, and engineering. Construction Junction features a full-size maze, a domino rally, construction tools, and everything the kids need to start experimenting. Coordinator Sandy Dodson says it's fun, but it's also educational.

"The children are going to be learning a little bit about how to construct things, to make them stronger for our homes," she says.

One of the most popular parts is the prairie dog town, which shows kids how the animals design their tunnels and homes. But the most important thing is the kids are learning while they're playing.

Mother Tammy Blanton understands what it means for her seven-year old daughter, Alyssa.

"She learns the cause and effect from the dominos," Tammy explains. "She learns logical thinking when she goes through the maze and the different games they have test that out too."

Tammy, who's a preschool teacher, says her daughter loves to come here because she learns things by herself.

"It's the hands on learning," she says. "they get to actually play with things themselves, and figure out how it works."

Construction Junction is sponsored by RPR construction. The exhibit will continue through August 31st.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.