Prosthetics Closer To Bringing Dog Back To His Feet

A lucky dog is another step closer to walking again, thanks to a prosthetic prognosis.

Two weeks ago, KLTV introduced you to Labella, a chow mix who lost two legs to disease. Saturday morning, plaster casts were placed on Labella's legs to measure them for Neal's Prosthetics, a Tyler business which is providing the dog with new front legs.

Although this procedure has never been done in this area, veterinarian Gary Spence says he hopes this may one day become an alternative for injured animals.

"If we can get this to work," Dr. Spence says, "There's a lot of amputations in veterinary medicine. Instead of doing amputations, if prosthetics will work, it's a great alternative."

Labella is not just lucky, he's also become famous. Since we first met Labella, over a hundred people have come by to meet the chow mix.

Dr. Spence says people visit, take Labella for walks, and even bring him gifts. The prosthetics could be ready within two weeks.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.