Former NFL Quarterback Has a Dilemma

As the build up continues toward Super Bowl Sunday, one Longview man has a unique connection to it; he's a former member of both teams.

48 year old Financial Advisor Jeb Blount was an Oakland Raider in 1976. The Longview graduate and all American quarterback from Tulsa went to the ultimate game as a player.

After winning a Super Bowl with the Raiders, Blount was promptly traded the following season to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; who lost 26 games straight in their first two seasons.

And it was there that Blount became a something of a cult hero... on N-F-L follies. He's very familiar with Super Bowl hype, having gotten tips from Raider coach John Madden.

He has mixed emotions on who to root for in Sunday's game Blount is fairly sure one of his former teams will be the next Super Bowl Champion.