Father Rescues Family from Mobile Home Fire

During the bitter cold Thursday night, the Corbett's went to bed in their dream home.

"Smoke detectors didn't go off we just woke up," says Kirk Corbett, father. "I'm glad we woke up when we did."

What they woke up to turned out to be a nightmare.

"There were flames in my door and I shouted at my husband," says Nicole Corbett. "When he got to the door it was just a big old ball of fire that shoved us back in our room."

Kirk and his wife Nicole are breathing better today, but Thursday night they found themselves trapped by fire surrounding their bedroom.

"And the electricity went out and we couldn't breathe and we both almost passed out," says Nicole.

But passing out wasn't an option for the parents who needed a way to their three children sleeping on the other side of the flames.

"The flames were just too high," says Kirk. "We couldn't get out of the bedroom. We had to look for a window to bust out and jump out."

Kirk Corbett actually had to jump out of his bedroom window since smoke was too thick in the house to rescue his three children.  So, one by one he began knocking out bedroom windows to bring his children out alive.

"I don't know if I hit them with my elbow or what. I just got the glass out of the way to jump through the windows to get the kids out," says Kirk.

"We're calling him our hero," says Nicole. "He got us all out."

Fire investigators say its a near miracle Kirk and Nicole's kids; Kirk Jr., Angela and Kaycee only suffered some cuts from the shattered glass and some minor smoke inhalation.

But, there was no chance for the Corbett's home and two family pets trapped inside.

"It's a relief to know I have my whole family, but it really hasn't set in that it's not reality yet that we don't have a place to go home to," says Nicole.

Thanks to a father's determination, the Corbett's are all alive and have that chance to rebuild.

Smith County fire marshals say the fire started in the den near the fire place, but they are not sure how it started.

If you'd like to donate to the Corbett Family Tragedy Account, you can go to any Southside Bank. Or, if you have clothes to give, the Pleasant Retreat United Methodist Church on Dixie Drive is accepting donations for the family.

Dana Dixon reporting