Study Shows Connection Between Personality And Car Color

It's a stereotype, but can you really say that people in red cars are extroverts?

"I'm outgoing," says Leah Toups, who drives a red car. "I guess I'm a little impulsive."

Psychiatrists analyzed over a thousand motorists, and found there is a connection between certain personality traits and car color. For the ultra-popular silver cars, their owners tend to be successful, and are very stylish.

"That's very accurate," said silver car owner Sarah Hancock. "I think I have great style."

However, they may also be pompous.

"Ooh," Sarah wavers. "I don't think pompous. No, I disagree with that."

"I wouldn't say I'm pompous," says Sandy Diaffin. "But the first two, definitely."

Steve Arnold, who drives a silver truck, partially agrees. "Well, I don't think pompous really fits, but the other two are pretty good."

So people admit the study is at least sort of right. According to the study, a green car means the driver is more traditional. Blue equates to conservative but shy. Black signifies ambition. And white, methodical but fussy.

"I'd say methodical would probably be closer than fussy," says Tom Coats, who drives a white van.

However, Bobby Chellette agrees. "Oh yeah, I like things a certain way. If not, then yeah, I'm fussy."

Color choices represent more than a personal choice. Popular colors of cars have always reflected the current style, as far back as the fifties.

"When you go back to the heritage colors of the fifties," Robert S. Daily of Dupont explains, "Certainly we saw a lot of pastels. We were over the postwar syndrome and those candy, soft pastel colors were a sign of the times if you will."

So when you choose your next car, think about it. Your paint job might just be tipping off your personality.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.