Double Trouble in Gladewater

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

GLADEWATER, TEXAS (KLTV) - In Gladewater, one Davis is not enough.

"It is always double trouble when you mess with twins," joked Corey Davis.

The Davis twins, Courtney and Corey, have played ball together since 4th grade, they both play offense, and both play defense, and that is where the similarity, ends.

"I am older by five minutes," said Corey.

"I love to get up," added Corey, "I love to sleep," said younger brother Courtney.

Corey again added, "I am stronger than him."


"He is the momma's boy."

But Courtney said it best, "I still say that I am good looking, I mean that is what the girls say, I am talking about fact, not opinion."

And while they aren't identical in every way, one thing is sure, when the ball is in their hands, good things happen.

"They do not have egos for that one is getting more carries or one is getting more attention, they just want to be successful," said Bears head coach Scott Callaway, "they are good kids to have in practice and they are leaders of our football team, and we are going to spread the ball around and give it to both of them."

Deciding who to give the ball too, that's up to the coach, but when it comes to the little things, like who's retro hair cut looks the best, that's left up to the ladies.

"Girls love the ducktail, they call it the rat tail, but I call it the duck tail," said Courtney, in reference to the small patch of hair at the base of his head.

Corey, is a bit more traditional, 80's style, "That is the flat top for yall to see, it is the flat top, they love it."

And ultimately when asked who was the best, both agreed, Corey on offense and Courtney on D, but only by a hair.

The Davis twins will open the year on Thursday, when Gladewater opens the year against Center.

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