A Better East Texas: Puppy Mills

There have been multiple raids on suspected puppy mills in east Texas recently.  Sixty animals in Wood County, 100 plus in Nacogdoches County, even more in Kaufman County.  Our area seems to be - excuse the pun - a breeding ground for these operations.  So what is the attraction to breeding dogs and cats again and again in vile conditions?  Two things - money and the law.  As long as there are people willing to pay for these animals - well intending people - often times just trying to purchase a household pet - there will be those who will to take a risk by operating a puppy mill.  Additionally, our law enforcement has to be informed about the location of these suspected puppy mills as they are sometimes not very obvious and while Texas has defined animal cruelty as a felony, it is still pretty easy to operate a puppy mill.  Now, there are numerous legal breeding kennels that have the animals' health in mind, but law enforcement needs to be tipped off when things look suspicious.  These animals can't call 9-1-1 for themselves but certainly most east Texans feel this is a horrible offense and we need to get involved for the animal's sake.  There is no place for puppy mills in east Texas and continuing to pull the plug on offenders will make this a Better East Texas.