What Does Heaven Look Like?

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GREGG COUNTY (KLTV) - It really is one of life's ultimate questions, and it has no easy answers.

Steve Hemphill is the author of My Search for the Real Heaven.

Today, East Texas News had a chance to talk with Hemphill in his East Texas home about his book and what he hopes others will take away from it.

The clouds in the beautiful sky are as close as most human beings get to seeing heaven, at least on earth that is. But one East Texas author begs to differ.

"The Christian idea of heaven for most people is sitting in the clouds, a see-through person playing a harp and worshiping all day. That's not even a good attractive picture for Christians, much less non Christians," said Stene Hemphil.

Steve Hemphill got a vision to write My Search for the Real Heaven after his father died in 2000.

"All of a sudden I wanted to know everything I could know about Heaven. So, I bought a new Bible and just marked every verse in the Bible I could find about heaven."

"There's a lot of interest in heaven and there's not a lot of books about heaven, and a lot of false information about heaven, which is why on the cover of my book you see he bible. I used the Bible to to research and write my book.  My search for the real heaven wasn't based on pulling it out of the air. it was based on the scriptures."

And Hemphill said that's what kept him grounded and eager to share what the Bible says heaven really looks like.

"My goal is to get you excited about heaven, but we don't talk about it. There's hardly any books on heaven, it's rarely preached about.  If we're not excited about heaven, then we're not excited about Evangelism, to take people with us to our goal."

"A hundred years from now, your financial statement won't matter but your relationship with the King and with other's in the Kingdom will matter."

Spiritual matters all tied up in a little piece of heaven.

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