LeTourneau freshmen serve community

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - From picking up trash, to sprucing up fading buildings, about 400 LeTourneau University freshmen began their time in East Texas giving back to the community.

Barely unpacked, "The Fish" were involved in 20 different projects helping their new neighbors, and had fun in the process. They are the best a brightest from all over the country, but this tradition is an exercise in humility.

"People kind of lose touch with the most important thing about social relationships, and that's just kind of showing people that you care," said freshman Jacob Hurst, from Virginia.

"It was fun," said California freshman Candice Nishimura. "The small community family oriented atmosphere of LeTourneau is what brought me here, and really what sold me."

LeTourneau's student community service benefited 400 non-profits and individuals last academic year, totaling more than 44,000 volunteer hours.

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