East Texas Cowboys: Dez Bryant and Kendall Hunter

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA (KLTV) - It is every parents dream to see their kids grow up into greatness, and somewhere in tyler and lufkin, the parents of two young men are very proud.

We are talking about the duo of John Tyler's Kendall Hunter and Lufkin's Dez Bryant, both at Oklahoma State.

"When they first started recruiting me here, I was curious, but then I started to learn more about Oklahoma State and the tradition of running backs, and that was all it took," said Hunter.

The two are widely regared as two of the best in all of college football and both are making noise in regards to next years N.F.L. Draft.

Both say they have come along way since leaving East Texas.

"I don't think that I ever thought about it, going out on the field and doing my best, and to be mentioned in any of that the Bilentnikoff the Heisman, to me I look at is as a bonus," said Bryant.

"It all really started when I was younger, when I would go outside and play football with my friends and stuff like that, and I would make them miss, so, it just carried over," added Hunter.

Both Hunter and Bryant will begin the 2009 season with a home game against Georgia.

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