Investigators baffled by several missing person cases

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Several cases of missing persons in East Texas are still baffling investigators. In spite of the best efforts of searcher's they still remain mysteries.

Kelly Wilson of Gilmer, Brandy Wells of Brownsboro and Shirley Hunt of Henderson are all missing persons cases in East Texas.

"There's been nothing from the day she disappeared," said Ellen Tant, the mother of Brandy Wells. "There's been no clues, no avenue, really, to travel down one way or another."

A national missing persons organization even came to East Texas Thursday to chronicle high profile cases. At any given time, East Texas law enforcement investigates numerous missing reports.

"Right now, I have three active on my desk [for] missing person cases," said Detective Terry Davis, with the Longview police.

And, for every case, families believe someone somewhere knows what happened.

"We've been to Houston, Pasadena, San Antonio, Dallas [and] so far we haven't found anything," said Bob Hunt, whose wife, Shirley, is missing. "Anything that we can get out helps. We haven't heard anything."

"I feel like there is somebody out there that does know what happened to her from the get go," said Tant.

The major problem with missing persons cases is time. As it passes there is very little evidence and very few witnesses and it leaves investigators with usually one thing: the last place the person was seen at.

"Leads are lost evidence becomes lost witness memory and information becomes vague," said Davis.

But, for the families of the missing, there will be no rest until their questions are answered.

"What happened?" said Davis. "What happened to their loved one?"

"She was a real human being," said Tant. "Somebody out there loves and cares for her."

Law enforcement says legitimate missing persons cases are rare. They say most turn out to be individuals who disappear and don't want to be found.

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