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Crowds fill stores as tax free weekend begins

By Sara Story - email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Let the shopping frenzy begin! Tax free weekend is here, but a little different this year because there are school supply items on the list that have never been there before. But different or not, for many East Texas families, the tax break is still a big relief as they shop for their children who are starting school next week.

The rush began Friday morning for tax free shoppers, and among those looking to save a little extra cash we found the Yeager family.

"Well, fighting the crowds, I'm not sure it is worth it, but we thought if we got the 10:00am start, that might be OK," said Esther Yeager.

Despite the crowds, the Yeagers say four young kids and tough economic times makes every penny count.

"When you add all of your clothes to that you end up spending $250-300 per child just to get them all back and ready to go to school," said Yeager.

The legislature pushed back tax free weekend this year, leaving the Yeagers and other shoppers little time to get ready for Monday.

"If we wait until the very end, and do it all on one day, it kind of throws you in a lurch," said Suzi Butler, a mom. "What if you just run out of time or can't find it?"

But Michael Carney with Broadway Square Mall says the economy and late start shouldn't effect sales, especially with items like school supplies being added to the tax-free list this year.

"Behind Thanksgiving and Xmas, this is one of the busiest weekends for shopping," said Carney.

In addition to the 8% sales tax you save, most stores have their own bargains and discounts. And, although the Yeager family split up to find these bargains.

"I think it (the shopping) went well," said Daren Yeager. "You had to look around, but there were some good deals to be had."

Before heading out, click here to find a list of items that qualify as tax-free.

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