Truant Kids Get Hard Life Lesson, One Gets Jail Time

Staying in school can save your life. That's the message for about 85 children in a Smith County courtroom Thursday.  They and their parents were before Judge Quincy Beavers because they haven't stayed in school.  One of the students had been in court before, yet still failed to pay his fine or attend school regularly, so Judge Beavers sent him to jail.

Also, a former gang member involved in a shootout 15 years ago spoke about his best friend who died before his eyes, and told the kids not to let it happen to them.

Anthony Johnson once was known only by "A.J."  He said, "Ya'll are only hurting yourselves, because all you are doing is shortening your lives right now, when you don't attend school."

As for the young man sentenced to jail time, Judge Beavers says he hasn't decided he'll let the young man think about life behind bars.