Two-a-Day Tour: All Saints

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) -  All Saints football has waited for their field of dreams.

"What's the old movie? 'If you build it, they will come,'" said All Saints Head Coach Mark Ackerman.

After three years of waiting, They've finally come.

"For the first time we can fill the 'AS' (50 yard line logo)," said All Saints Senior Harrison Jenkins.  "So that's pretty different."

A welcomed change.

"Last year we thought we were going to have a good year," said Ackerman.  "We started two a days with 25 to 26 kids, and immediately had a couple of injuries"

"We had to be that team that walked out there and say we have to be in better shape than them or there's no way we can win," said Jenkins.

Numbers are no longer a problem.  With around 40 players this season, All Saints football has enough bodies to field a varsity and junior varsity roster for the first time.

"Somebody said the other day, 'hey coach it's seems to be cool to come out for football now,'" said Ackerman.

"The last couple of years they've (students) just seen football as another sport," said All Saints Senior Jay Hardin.  "But now there's people that just love football and want to come out and play."

All Saints has the stadium and now the numbers. All that's missing is the wins.

"Now we definitely have to make the playoffs," said Jenkins.  "We got real close last year in our last game.  But this year we're going to make it and we're excited for it."