Store owner shot by would-be robbers

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GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas store owner is in a Dallas hospital after being shot by some would-be robbers. The perpetrators are still on the loose tonight, August 20. Gladewater police say last night, two men tried to rob the Super Stop at Melba Avenue and Highway 271.

Surveillance video shows the masked gunmen rushing into the Super Stop and demanding money from the store owner, Imtiaz Hussein.

"We get a call, that 9-1-1 call, that the clerk at the Super Stop has been shot," said Gladewater Police Chief Farrell Alexander, "That's all the information we have at the time."

Hussein quickly moved to the register pretending to comply, but he had a gun too and wasn't going without a fight.

"He felt his life was in danger as they both split up," said Farrell.

Drawing a gun from the counter, he fired, and the suspects fired back, shattering both his hands holding the gun - hands that blocked the bullets from hitting his head. The suspects then ran out on foot.

"Man, you can't hardly outdraw a trigger squeeze and the guys had the drop on him at that time,' said Farrell.

Investigators say his instinct to fight may have been remembering that seven years ago, at the same store, a female clerk was gunned down.

"We certainly know and we remember," said Farrell. "Sometimes it's just better to fight it out and take your chances than to be done in by these kind of predators that run our streets. A lot of these offenders are getting more and more violent where they will shoot first and then try to get the money."

The suspects got away with nothing, and Hussein will live to tell about it.

"We're going to respect his decision," said Farrell. "Know that he has the full right and justification to protect himself and his property."

Hussein is at Parkland Hospital having surgery on both his hands. If you have any information on this robbery, call Gladewater Police.

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