A Better East Texas: Vick vs Favre

Two high profile professional football players have been in the news recently and neither one of them plays for the Dallas Cowboys. Michael Vick and Brett Favre have signed with new teams and both are looking to have great seasons.  But what a contrast in careers - Favre coming out of retirement, again, at the tender age of 39 while Vick is coming off a 23 month jail sentence for his involvement in a dog fighting operation, now trying to recapture his effectiveness on the field. Both men have great talent but one is destined to the Hall of Fame and the other to the hall of shame. Vick has shown some remorse, lost millions of dollars in endorsements and filed for bankruptcy.  But is there any doubt that he will soon turn back into an arrogant showboat that will act bullet proof? Guys like Vick have usually been spoon fed all the trinkets this world has to offer and more times than not, they do not learn their lessons when they make a bad decision.  Our society places these individuals on pedestals early in life and they all too often miss growing up with life's challenges. Being challenged and even failing at a young age prepares us for the future where our decisions truly make a difference. I suppose a part of me hopes Michael Vick becomes a positive role model with a powerful testimony but I do have my doubts. So once again we are cautioned about who we select as role models.