New technology claims to melt away the pounds

By Christel Phillips - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - What if you could shed the pounds without the work? A Lufkin doctor will do the work by using new advanced technology machines, called Slim Lipo and Body Jet. He claims that it can actually melt away your fat tissue in those unwanted areas.

The laser technology was approved by the Federal Drug and Administration in 2008, the Slim Lipo/Body Jet technology can remove the fat and re-shape your legs, stomach, and waist, giving you a firm, younger look.

Dr. Brian Humphreys, an ear, nose, and throat specialist and plastic surgeon, offers the lipo procedures in his Lufkin office.

"It is for body sculpting and re-contouring," said Humphreys. "The laser actually melts fat. It also tightens the skin. The skin gets tighten up, that fat is melted and everything is restored to a more youthful contour."

You could start seeing results 48 hours after the procedure. Full results take up to six weeks. In addition, you could experience some discomfort, mild bruising, and swelling.

Dr. Humphreys believes the procedure will give better results with less complications than the traditional lipo procedures.

"There is far less pain, far less cost, and the bruising is very minimal," he added.

Memorial Hospital's Nutritionist, Tim Scallon, said even with a procedure like this, diet and exercise are still important to maintain your weight loss and healthy living.

"We need to have balance, between what we eat and our activities, that balance will help live happy healthy lives," said Scallion.

Humphreys agrees.

Cassandra Whitehead, a recent patient that went through the SlimLipo and Body Jet procedures three weeks ago, says she doesn't regret it.

"I had a baby ten months ago and it is so hard to lose the baby weight so this was the easy way out for me," she said, laughing.

Dr. Humphreys thinks the new devices will allow more people to enhance their physical appearance, without the fear of going under the knife.

"Americans really do want to have a better way to improve themselves and improve their self image, their body contour and they just want a better way to do it," said Humphreys.

And, this new procedure just may help. The price for SlimLipo starts at $2,500. Dr. Humphreys stresses SlimLipo is not a treatment for obesity. Candidates have to be in good health and no more than 25 pounds over weight.

If you are interested in a consultation contact Stephanie at Dr. Humphreys' office at (936)699-3141 or visit his office at 121 Gaslight Medical Parkway in Lufkin.

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