At your service says city

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Released by Susan Guthrie with the City of Tyler:

The City of Tyler was recently recognized by the State Comptrollers Office for their effort to enhance transparency. According to an article that will appear in the September edition of Texas Rising issued by the Comptroller's Office, Tyler "is the only large city in Texas that posts its annual budget, check register and comprehensive annual financial reports online for all to see." To go one step further, the City also posts their quarterly financial reports to their website.

"We are very proud of the financial management of the City and feel that information should be readily available to our citizens," said Mayor Barbara Bass. "Citizens are even more interested in how their tax dollars are being spent in these tighter financial times. I believe they appreciate seeing the evidence that the City is a good steward of public funds."

Increasing transparency has been a focus for Mayor Bass since she was elected in May of 2008. In early 2009, she launched the "Ask the Mayor" web page to encourage citizens to ask questions about City operations. She also added an online form for proclamations and to request her attendance at community gatherings.

"Since my election, I have felt that it was important to attend events and meetings so that I can not only share what is going on in City government, but also hear what citizens are thinking," said Bass. "Two way communication is the foundation of transparency in government and I feel it is incumbent upon me to do what I can to enhance it."

To view the City's financial documents, go to and visit the Finance Department's page. The direct link is: