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01/22/03 - Tyler

Good Samaritan Performs Citizen's Arrest

Police are calling it a citizen's arrest. His boss says he's a hero. He says it was just the right thing to do. 

Wednesday morning, Jason Harmon went to Mother Frances Hospital to have his foot x-rayed. He hurt it Tuesday night outside his workplace, Sam's Deli in South Tyler.

Shortly after closing, his boss, Marsha Wells was attacked while heading to her car. "I looked to my right and I saw a man," said Wells. "You've seen Friday the 13th. Well, that's the kind of mask he had on. It was like a metal silver mask and he had a ski cap on. And, I started screaming."

Harmon was walking towards his apartment at the time of the attack. "I heard her screaming and some guy was just throwing her around, trying to get her purse and, I took off running at him. We fought for a minute in the parking lot. He hit me in the head with a gun. And he took off running again and I still followed him, knocked him down and held him down until the cops got there."

Wells had been thrown to the pavement during the attack.  As she watched her employee chase after her attacker, she ran back inside the restaurant to call 911.

The suspect, DeMarcus Wayne Harris was taken to the hospital after being kicked repeatedly by Harmon. And later Harris was charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault.

This is not the first time Harmon has been called a hero. On his second night on the job, he saved a man's life. A customer at the Deli was choking, and couldn't breath. "He started turning blue. I did the heimlick manuver on him," recalls Harmon.

"He's a neat kid," say Wells. "I'm glad that I've gotten to know him. And, he has a job here for a long time."

Tthe purse the attacker was trying to steal did not have any money in it. Only make-up and cologne.

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