Seniors Take Advantage of Free Health Screenings and Info

Gerald and Jo Wade get their yearly health check-ups as they should. But senior health fairs like the one at Sam's on Wednesday, offers the retired couple much more.

"She's the one that loves the free screenings," says Gerald.

"I did the glucose test and he did the blood sugar. I didn't do that one and I did the eye test," says Jo.

One of the great things about free health screenings is they are all in one central location. During the fair, Jo found out her sight's not just right. "I can't see close-up," says Jo.

"My wife was the one responsible for me being here," says Gerald E. Mitchell.

Gerald Mitchell's impressed so many health care agencies came together to screen hundreds of seniors' cholesterol, blood sugar and the usually expensive carotid artery test.

"I believe it makes you aware of your health conditions," says Gerald. "So that you can watch what you eat to make sure you are internally healthy as well as externally looking good."

Lawrence Ashburn believes many seniors have a tendency to sit back and take life a little too easy, but he realized there are things to keep seniors young and healthy.

"I think it's important for seniors to stay mentally active and physically active."

Lawrence found the recipe for staying busy in all the free information and services represented at the health fair, information may East Texans don't know about.

"Aquatinting people with what is available is important," says Lawrence. "Of course I'm particularly interested in the seniors college at TJC. It's been a great deal for me."

While bingo may have been the big draw, the real pay-off is the seniors getting life-saving tests they may not otherwise have gone to a doctor to get.

Dana Dixon Reporting