Two-a-Day Tour: Henderson Lions

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

HENDERSON, TEXAS (KLTV) - Henderson head coach Dickie Meeks is oh so close to history.

Just two wins away from 200, is all the motivation he, and his team need.

"I think when that week gets here it will be a big deal," said Meeks, "but we still have to get to that point, so it is not a big deal until that happens."

"I really didn't know he was that close," said quarterback Tyrell Jenkins,"for us to be that class that is able to do it for him, that would be a great way to go out."

For help, Meeks has brought it the services of a former professional, a professional baseball player that is.

Robert Ellis played in the MLB for four years, including a stint with the Texas Rangers, now he takes over as the strength coach for the Lions.

"After being in professional baseball for 19 years, I was given the opportunity to come in here and implement a program that I know works and get them faster and stronger and keep them healthy," said Ellis.

The former Mets assistant has now brought a new attitude to Henderson.

"It is real exciting, you get the inside scoop on what the majors do, and you get tips and everything and it helps you be successful after high school," said Jenkins.

"He knows what he is talking about," said center Jacob Guin, "and I can tell we have been in better shape than we were last year and we are running around quicker, he has done a real good job."

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