More controversy in an East Texas town

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

WELLS, TX (KLTV) - More controversy surrounds an East Texas town. Just last week, Wells mayor, Corbitt Doss, was arrested for perjury and tampering with government documents. Those charges stem from questions of his eligibility for office because he is a convicted felon.

This time, the controversy involves the police department itself. Monday evening, Wells city council members met in a closed session to discuss the Wells Police Department. City council members say public outcry concerning Police Chief, Barry Starnes, is under question. Numerous complaints regarding his interaction with members of the community are at the center of discussion. All of this comes just a few days after Starnes reportedly filed two arrest warrants for mayor Corbitt Doss.

"There's been a lot of outcry from the community about the actions in the method of which he treats the community people," said Dorothy McMillian, a city council member. "The Chief Starnes and we want to go over some of these things and talk about it and discuss about it."

Mayor Doss said the meeting is not retaliation for Starnes filing two arrest warrants against him last week. Council members say it's unclear how long the meeting will last.

The city council meeting is at 7pm, Monday at the Wells City Hall. There's one item on the agenda before the council breaks for a closed session. After the executive session, the public can re-join the meeting.

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