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A Better East Texas: When in doubt, keep them out

OK parents, it's 7am and you are getting the kids ready for school and little Billy or little Janet has a fever.  I have heard about it first hand, parents shovel a dose of Tylenol down the feverish child and load them up for school only to be contacted a couple of hours later by the school asking them to pick up the ill student.  School has started or will soon be starting in East Texas and parents that send their child to school with a fever need to think twice.  The H1N1 flu threat is real and all the Purell and Kleenex in East Texas are no match for a feverish, germ-spraying second grader.  As parents, it is our responsibility to respect the health of others and if your child has a fever, keep them home.  Employers need to be flexible as well as there is a good chance that we will have more sick kids this fall than ever before thus more employees out caring for the ill kids.  School administrators and teachers are also at risk when you send a sick child to school so it truly should be a "no-brainer" if they have a fever, keep them home.  Keeping our schools a little healthier this school year will make this a Better East Texas.  And oh, kids, it is tough to fake a fever.
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