Investigation into fatal hit and run continues

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Four days after it happened, law enforcement in Smith County are still looking for a hit-and-run driver responsible for killing a 10-year-old boy. DPS troopers say George Nolasco was riding his tricycle Thursday night on FM 14 just outside Loop 323. In the blistering sun, a team of DPS investigators spent the day trying to re-create the accident that claimed the life of Nolasco.

"We're going over all our evidence," said Trooper Robert Hartman. "We brought our re-constructionist with us. We have skilled the roadway out at the scene."

There are no skid marks to show the driver tried to stop.

"As far as the roadway itself, we don't have any markings left on it," said Hartman.

The almost non-existent shoulders could play into it. Investigators say on his tricycle, George could have been partially in the road when hit, or the vehicle may have come off on the shoulder and hit him.

"He was sitting awful close to the ground on that tricycle," said Hartman. "There's not really a safe place to ride that tricycle on this roadway."

Neighbors say the narrow shoulders make it scary to even check their mail.

"I think he was trying to ride it along the very edge of this shoulder," said one area neighbor. "You can see the shoulder is so small."

Speed too could have been a factor, but with no real clues, troopers are appealing to the public.

"We're still hoping someone's going to call in and give us something else to go on, its got to be unbearable what the families going through," said Hartman.

Anyone with any information on the vehicle responsible, is asked to call the DPS in Tyler.

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