Longview barber shop celebrates 50th year

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A Longview business has survived 50 years by offering a simple hometown product that never changes, a barber shop.

Three men started giving haircuts 50 years ago and are still around spreading their own brand of barber shop homespun humor. Moody's Barber Shop opened in August of 1959, and they've cut hair for generations of families.

"Up to 5 generations, sports and politics I guess are the two big deals," says one of the original barbers Bob Moyers. "I've had several come in that didn't need haircuts , just wanted to get in on the conversation. I never wanted to be president, I wanted to be dictator, because I can cure the problems if I'm the dictator, I know how to cure problems they just won't let me" Bob says.

"If we could get all elected officials to spend 15 minutes in a barber shop just once a week, we could solve more problems than there are problems to be solved" says Bob's son Kevin Moyers.

The partners are still around, and occasionally still cutting hair.

"You usually ask how they like it, and then you do it the way you want to, despite all the problems its still the same place it was 50 years ago" Bob says.

But Moody's isn't just about getting a haircut. It never was.

"They see a sign that says men's liars club all are welcome," says Kevin, "you can tell your favorite lie in here over and over and its ok, it'll never leave these walls" .

The business has now passed on to the next Moody generation.

"We're just trying to make a world a better place one haircut at a time" Kevin says.

On any given day you can find one of the original partners cutting hair at Moody's on Pine Tree road.

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