Two-a-Days Tour: Whitehouse Wildcats

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) -  For years, Brady Attaway was the way in Whitehouse.

"Greatest arm to come through Whitehouse," said Whitehouse Quarterback Preston Conder.

The way has changed, and a new quarterback has arrived, with more than just a big arm.

"The big thing is his feet," said Whitehouse Wide Receiver Trey Metoyer of his teammate Preston Conder.  "If he's in pressure he can get out and throw on the run. It helps a lot top."

Conder's feet may help him escape, but it is what is written on his shoes, that make him stand tall.

"People along the way in my career have said that I could not do certain things," said Conder.  "Or that I could not make all the throws, or be that Division 1 quarterback, and I made it my priority to overcome that, and show them that I can."

And it's not like he won't have help proving people wrong.  Conder has two of the best to throw to in Metoyer and Quincy Aldridge

"They're area code receivers," said Conder.  "I could throw it in a different county and they'd go get it for me."

"We just have that confidence that we can get up and get any ball thrown in the air," said Metoyer.

"If they (the defense) double team him (Metoyer), I'm going to be open," said Aldridge.  "If they double team me, he'll be open. It's really a no win situation for the defense."

A no win for defenses, and a no win for the doubters.

"Everytime before the game, I look down, I remember the things the people have said to me, and some of the inspiring scriptures that I like to read," said Conder.

And who knows, in two years, the same people who said Conder never would, might just say, we have never seen anyone that good.