Make-A-Wish Sends East Texan To Super Bowl

Just like Tampa Bay and Oakland, David Hollowell is going to Super Bowl XXXVII.

"Since I've been playing sports almost my entire life," Hollowell says, "I've always wanted to go to the Super Bowl. And I've always loved football, so the Super Bowl is the biggest thing."

David and his family are going to San Diego as guests of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. David is still stunned by their generosity.

"I don't think it's sunk in yet," David says. "When they told me I was going, I just was like, 'Yay.' Every person I tell about it, though, they're like, 'Have you got an extra ticket, can I go?'"

It was just last June when David's left elbow got sore during tennis. He initially thought it was just a sports injury.

"We went to an oncologist," he says, "And he did some X-rays and MRI's and other tests. He told me I had cancer."

"Then he did a biopsy on me and said it had spread to my lungs."

Eight chemotherapy treatments later, they continue to battle the cancer. And David, once a four-sport athlete himself, continues to follow sports.

"I don't know what it is," David says about his love for the game. "You just get so entranced in what's going on you just forget about everything else."

In December, he found out his wish would come true. His father, Kevin Hollowell, says the gift was beyond anything they could expect.

"A gift like this really humbles you," he says. "It opens you up to the love of others. I know our family is floored by it."

So David gets ready for his dream trip, taking a moment to enjoy himself just like every other person who gets to go to the Super Bowl.

"It means a whole lot," David says. "It's just given me something to look forward to to keep my mind off the cancer."

So no matter who takes home the Lombardi Trophy, David will walk away a winner.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.