Safety Precautions Can Save Lives

Riding a 4 wheeler has become a favorite past time of many east Texans.

As fun as it is, it can also be deadly.

This past weekend, 19 year old Ashley Hill of Longview and 22 year old Bryan Meadows of Gladewater were killed when they rode off a 15 foot embankment on an ATV.

"Riding can be both fun and safe if you follow a few simple rules," says Connie Wyatt.

When 4 wheelers are used for what they're designed for they're very safe, they're a lot of fun.

Connie Wyatt rides her ATV at the fun wheeler park in Lakeport.

But before she hops onto her 4 wheeler she checks to make sure everything is working properly.

"1st thing do is check my breaks make sure I have not too much freplay in the breaks. If you have too much freplay then the breaks aren't working properly. 2nd thing check for the throttle, make sure everything is free and clear working there" says Connie.

Also check your oil level and tire pressure.

Randall Latch teaches ATV safety courses.

He says next a rider should put on the proper attire.

"We recommend they wear a helmet, eye protection, you may wear a kidney belt or chest protectors, proper pants with padding boots is essential. Before you take off you need to be familiar with the terrain environment instead of just get on your 4-wheeler and ride and ride across the field," says Randall.

But there are still more safety precautions.

Two people should not be riding a 4 wheeler at the same time.

And also never drink or do drugs before getting on an ATV

And when you're riding at night slow down.

Tips Connie and Randall say are common sense and keep you riding safely.

Randall Latch with fun motors teaches ATV training courses.

For more information you can call 663-9100.

Amy Tatum reporting