School supply train rolls into Longview

By Bob Hallmark
Posted by Michael Hetrick

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A huge turnout in Longview all to get school supplies to East Texas children in need. More families took part in today's school supply train than ever before.

They started lining up at 5 this morning and by 7, the line stretched several blocks.

"We were here at 7 this morning waiting to come in the door so its been a long morning," Tiffany Cash of Spring Hill said.

"My guess is there were about 2 or 3 thousand people that are lined up outside," Brad Beckworth of Nix Patterson and Roach Lawfirm said.  "We have somewhere around 3-thousand backpacks full of supplies.

Through donations from local businesses , backpacks, clothes, supplies, even haircuts were provided for thousands of kids.

"I'm actually a little worried that we may not have enough to give everybody based on how many people are out but we'll find a way to do that," Beckworth added.

Parents had a flurry of reasons for taking advantage of the program.

"It really helps knowing that your kids can have some supplies its a blessing something that a parent can take a less load on," Andrew Gatson, father of 3, said.

"It helps a whole lot, with buying supplies things the average person can't afford," Tiffany Cash said.

Many saw the economy as the reason for the turnout.

Janice gatson
"Everybody i talked to out there they didn't have a job they were laid off they were shut down, so they have no choice," Gatson said.  "This is one big less worry that i have."

These kids won't have to do without this year.

The School Supply Train runs until 11 a.m. Saturday.  It's located in the R.O.C. Building at the First Baptist Church in Longview, 209 E. South Street.

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