Lawmen seize 118 dogs at Nacogdoches Co. residence

By Jena Johnson - bio | email
Posted by Michael Hetrick

KINGTOWN, TX (KTRE) - "Living in their own feces with mange and several other ailments." That's how an East Texas Constable's office described the living condition of more than a hundred dogs. They said the alleged puppy mill was on county road 566 in the Kingtown community.

"They took my family is basically what they did," said Lauree Brown, owner of the dogs. "They took my family, you know, I'm not some crazy dog person."

Lauree Brown said dogs are her livelihood. "We don't see them as dogs, we don't see them as breeders or breeding stock or just money makers," said Brown. "We see them as valued family members."

A Pct. 4 Constable's deputy of Nacogdoches County said it took three trucks to load Brown's 118 dogs of multiple breeds and 11 rats. "I didn't even know that I had that many and it's not something that I keep track of. I just know I had a lot and the ones I had recently taken in were too much you know for me to handle and I was trying to do the best I could to find them homes and sell them for really cheap."

Brown said the breeding business came to a screeching halt with the dwindling economy. She admits the number of dogs got out of control.

"Especially the ones I had taken in, mine were manageable you know and I don't mind, I would even surrender the ones that I was trying to find homes for," she said.

Deputies said the dog's living environment was in inhumane.

"Cages do get dirty if they're not cleaned off everyday and we had not had a chance to clean out the cages that day," said Brown.

While Brown tells us she realizes 118 dogs are too much to handle, she wants some of them back. "Those are my family members," she said. "I'm going to fight and do everything I can to get them back home where they belong."

Brown was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. She bonded out of jail Thursday night.

The constable's office said it doesn't know what it will do with the dogs. Right now, they are in a temporary shelter at the Nacogdoches County Expo Center.

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