A cemetery with a dollar menu

By Reid Kerr - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A cemetery is the final resting place. It's traditionally a big decision for a family to make on where they're going to spend eternity.

Would you feel comfortable making that decision for one dollar?

That's the question Rose Lawn Memorial Park is asking, with a sale on something you never see a sale on...burial spaces.

When you buy one, you get the second one for only a dollar,.

"The other day we were at a restaurant, and my wife said look at that, they copied your ad," Rose Lawn Memorial park General Manager Michael Miller said. "It was like, buy one roast, get another roast for a dollar."

Miller freely admits it's unconventional to sell a burial plot in the same way someone might sell a roast, but his customers don't seem to mind.

"It's something we all face someday," Delores McGaughey said. McGaughey and her husband took advantage of the deal last year, when Rose Lawn initially made the offer to veterans. "With a price like this, it's hard to say no to it."

"I think anytime you can save some money it's a good deal," customer Jerry Atherton said. "It is an unusual purchase, since most people will only purchase a burial plot one time."

Miller knows a one dollar burial plot might seem a bit morbid of an offer, but he says he makes this deal to hopefully help everyone out.

"With the economy the way it is here in East Texas and the rising cost of death care, people get caught by surprise. They can come out here and take advantage of something they wouldn't normally look at."

Is a cemetery plot something you can bargain hunt for, or would you mind making the deal of a lifetime? That's a question each family will have to decide.

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