Free wifi coming to downtown Tyler

Posted by Michael Hetrick

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - As part of the construction of the new Main Street Office and Gallery space, the City of Tyler is installing a WiFi system that will extend to cover the Downtown Square west of Broadway. The system will allow for free internet connectivity in that geographic area and will be launched along with the opening of the Gallery, on Aug. 28.

"We are pleased that the WiFi signal that we are installing in the Gallery will extend to the Square," said Mayor Barbara Bass. "This is a value-added service that will draw even more people to enjoy the ambience of downtown."

In addition to the benefit to citizens who are accessing the signal, the WiFi will also benefit law enforcement. Officers who are on patrol will be able to enter this hot-spot and have a dedicated connection to the City's server. Patrol vehicles are currently equipped with wireless; however, the hot-spot areas provide connectivity that is much faster.

This will be the fourth public WiFi system installed in the City. Other locations include City Hall, the Library and the Airport. The City also has public safety WiFi systems at several other locations around the Tyler that can only be accessed by public safety agencies.

"This is just one more reason to come and enjoy Downtown," commented Main Street Department Director Beverly Abell. "I look forward to seeing people all over the Square come out on their lunch hour with their laptops and surf the web."

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