Individuals Arrested for Robbery

Posted By Grant Dade - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - On August 14, 2009 the Tyler Police Department received a call that a woman entering the Wal-Mart superstore, located at 5050 Troup Hwy. just had her purse stolen and the suspects had fled the scene in a dark colored Dodge Ram pick-up.  As officers responded to the scene they were notified that a witness following the suspect vehicle last saw the vehicle traveling south on Highway 110.  Moments later officers spotted the vehicle, initiated a traffic stop and identified the driver and occupant as Lindsey Barton and Paul Zacharias.

At this time officers also contacted the victim in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart store as she was being treated by EMS personnel for injuries she sustained during the incident.  According to the victim, she was walking into the Wal-Mart store when the suspect grabbed her purse and began pulling on it.  The victim attempted to maintain control of her property, but fell and was dragged along the parking lot before the suspect managed to take the purse and flee the scene.

Witnesses to the incident followed the suspects as they left the area and provide a detailed description of the suspect vehicle and assisted in the recovery of some of the victim's property.  Following an investigation of the incident and a positive identification of the suspect by the victim Lindsey Barton and Paul Zacharias were placed under arrest for Robbery.

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