Hit and run driver still on the loose after killing 10 year old boy

By Layron Livingston - bio | email

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - George Nolasco was riding his tricycle, Thursday night, on F.M. 14. DPS troopers said a passing vehicle struck and killed hi.  The driver kept going.  The investigation continues while a grieving family waits for answers.

"If somebody knows about this person, say something - something," said Miriam Palacios.

With tears in her eyes, she recalled how her nephew, George, was playing in her front yard a day ago.

"We need to be strong, but I can't be strong," she said.

She said George was headed up F.M. 14 to get eggs from his grandmother's house.  George was on his way back home when he was knocked from his tricycle by a passing vehicle.  The eggs he was carrying were thrown across the accident scene.

"No one's seen anything and that's the problem we have," said Trooper Robert Hartman.  H said there are no witnesses to help them piece the clues together.

Hartman said the vehicle that hit George was traveling south on F.M. 14.  "Being that the boy was on that tricycle, he was sitting so low to the ground, a larger vehicle might not have known that they hit the boy," he explained.

He said that's one scenario he is looking into.  Hartman said along with George's tricycle, another piece of evidence was taken from the road, possibly from the vehicle involved.

"The item we have right now could be very crucial, or it could be nothing to us," he said.  "Maybe somebody was in that area at the time, saw something that they might not think was relevant, and it turns out to be relevant."

George's funeral services have been set for Sunday at 1 p.m.  at Iglesia Pentecostal on Garden Valley road in Tyler.  He will be buried at Evergreen Memorial Park following the service.

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