Two-a-Day Tour: Lindale Eagles

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) -  Hitting speaks louder than words.  In Lindale, words are pretty loud too.

"If you don't get excited about football, you'll never be good," said Lindale Linebacker Adam Greer.

Lindale must bark to to help their bite.

"We've had some bad ones (practices)," said Greer. "And the only thing is if we don't get excited, don't get intense about it we won't have a good practice. If we get yellin', pick each other out after a big hit we'll have a good practice."

Yelling after every hit, adds to more big hits.

"It gets us excited and kinda pumped up," said Lindale Cornerback Zack McCoy.

"I enjoy it, because it's hot out here," said Lindale Linebacker Jacob Merriman.  "We gotta get up here at six o'clock in the morning. So if you don't get excited about it, it's just going to be monotonous everyday."

With this defense, everyone in Lindale is awake.  If you see blue, look out.

"We go by blue swarm," said Merriman.  "Which is like you fly around, and you just go to the ball, everybody at the ball at once."

"Gotta go out and play with passion," said Greer.  "And give it everything you got. All and all, you gotta give it your all, all the time."