A Better East Texas: Healthcare Reform’s Forgotten Voices

Well Obama-Care continues to take center stage in our nation as town hall meetings heat up and tempers flare.  It is sad that some people cannot express their opinion without shouting and getting in each other's face.  I fear that it only fuels the fire of those who want to put controls on how citizens can express themselves in these meetings.  I also cannot remember a single domestic issue that has created such a firestorm of emotion as this current debate on healthcare reform.  There is some bad information out there.  There are no "death panels" and even with the proposed reform, there will still be millions of Americans without healthcare.  However, the voice that is missing is that of the physician.  Doctors in our society are well-trained and well-paid and that is OK with me.  But there is a chance that healthcare reform could mean that doctors will be reimbursed much less for the services they perform and that ultimately could result in a reduction of the quality of care and the skill of the care provider.  We have to keep the physicians, nurses and other professionals in our consideration and not on the fringes as spectators.  So talk to your doctor to get a second opinion on healthcare reform and find the issues that are important to them and that will make for a Better East Texas.