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Gift Of Love: Frankie, Daniel, and Savannah

By Jennifer Hines

At Tyler's Caldwell Zoo, siblings Frankie, Daniel and Savannah discovered everything from turtles to buffalo.

At 13, Frankie is the oldest.

She tells us, "I like reading and going to the movies and kids depot and stuff like that."

Frankie even came in 2nd place for reading the most books in her middle school.

She also enjoys participating in choir and band.

She also likes hanging out with her brother and sister, saying, "I like playing school with them and playing games with them."

Frankie does well at school, easily making A's and B's. A music lover, she hopes to one day become an actress.

10 year old Daniel is the history buff of the group and loves anything to do with old battles and antique firearms. 

He told us, "I like checking out history books about George Washington and the Mexican War and all the wars that happened.."

So it comes as no surprise where this third grader sees his future going.

Daniel says, "It's my dream to be in the army. I want to be a scout and to fight on the ground. I'm going to go to college after i go to the army because they pay for my college mostly."

He even has plans to travel, going to see the Great Wall of China.

The youngest, at 9, is Savannah

Like many girls her age, Savannah is crazy about anything to do with High School Musical and disney's Hannah Montana!

Savannah is in the second grade. She makes good grades and does well in class, saying she loves to read. 

All three children will need to continue with speech therapy.

They also participate in therapy twice a month to discuss adoption preparation and issues pertaining to past abuse and neglect.

They would do well in a family that will involve them in extracurricular activities and support each child's individual strengths.

Also, they need a family that is willing to help them maintain a relationship with their eldest sister who will reside in long-term adult protective care.

And above all, show them the gift of love.

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