Crowds turn out to greet returning East Texas Soldier

By Reid Kerr - email

Dozens of East Texans turned out at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport to greet Army National Guardsman David Adams, a Winona graduate returning home on leave.

Adams, who is stationed in Afghanistan, walked off the plane to find his wife, Fallon, his two-year-old daughter, Hayden, and dozens of other supporters of the military waiting on him.

"It brings a lot of pride into my job," Adams said. "I know there's people who respect what I'm doing, there's people who want us to come home. It's good to have the support from the people because when you're over there you've got people running around trying to kill you."

"When you come home, seeing people who love you for what you're doing, that makes you feel good. It makes you want to go back and keep doing it."

Adams is home for sixteen days. Fallon said they're going to go to South Texas to go river tubing.

She said he'll love it, because he hasn't seen that much water in quite a while.

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